Individual events with the Train with Brain.

A special experience on a special day!

Guaranteed educational sustainability with the fun factor.

Prices depend the on number of children, location and duration.
Gym possibility available.

Contact Markus Heinz:
069 - 26407143
0176 - 82035165


T. Bot"Markus knows how to put a varied educational programme together in which all the children are included, with no one feeling left out. He knows how to deal well with children without losing the fun factor. Parents can be laid back about giving Markus the “stressful” part of a children’s event, safe in the knowledge that the children will have an unforgettable experience!"

T. Bot

Michael K."TwB / Markus provided a super great and sporty surprise at my daughter’s 7th birthday party. All the children had a lot of fun. They were thrilled to take part and at the same time to be moving actively. The spontaneously-put-together obstacle course went down particularly well and the great games too. In total a very successful event which will always be remembered. We are happy to recommend to TwB to everyone!"

Michael K.

S. Khan"My son had a great event in Grueneburg Park and the 18 children appeared to be no problem for Markus. He involved all the children and within a very short period of time could win them all over and before the girls (there was quite a number of them) began to lose interest in playing ball games, Markus had already organised something else for them. The day was a great success with loads of different activities, not only for those mad about sports."

S. Khan

B. Malato"We wanted to let you know that everyone had a wonderful time today and Bailey loved it! All of the kids parents have let us know that their kids had an amazing time doing all of the Train with Brain activities. Thank you again for making Baileys birthday so special. Bailey also loves the gift and backpack. She has worn it all evening. Thank you again!"

B. Malato

Familie Werner"Dear markus and Marco, Raphi and Louis thought it was the nicest event they have ever been to. We think so as well. You did an amazing job. Thank you very much."

Family Werner

D. Arshad"Thank you very much for turning this into such a great educational programme and for really helping me. We had a lot of fun, just as we imagined we would."

D. Arshad

P. Sandner"Thank you very much for the great event. The surprise was an absolute success. Konrad was totally happy and all the children had tonnes of fun."

P. Sandner

Familie Werner„Dear Markus, from an early age our kids have been visiting your sportsprogram and ever since they have been big fans. Now beeing 5 and 7 years old they are looking forward to spend their event with you. Through his cheerful, warm-hearted, professional and motivating manner he makes children´s events an unforgettable event for the kids. We are looking forward to the next sport event with Markus and Train with Brain.”

Jani and Anni

D. Arshad„Dear Markus, Thank you very much for making a fabulous sport event for our son. All kids had an absolute blast saying that it was the best sport event ever!! All of the parents present noted how well you managed to keep this large number of 3-5 year old children happy, smiling, and entertained for 2 1/2 hours without one single tear! Every child participates fully. We also could not help but smile and laugh the whole time. We look forward to next year's events! Thank you so very much!”

Best regards,
Lisa and Hellfried