Our daughters (3 and 5 years old) loves your training and cannot wait for it to finally be Markus-day. We want to commend you and your amazing team for your effort. Many thanks for putting together an awesome, thought out and diverse training program and for looking after the children in a caring manner.

Thank you,
Simone & Martin

Malte has been exercising with Train with Brain for 2 years. The motivation and enthusiasm of Markus and his team impresses us as parents each time. Whether it be gymnastics or one of his educational Train with Brain events supervised by Markus. Every child is being taken care of and integrated in the group. Malte loves every kind of activity with Markus. Happy and with shining eyes Malte comes back from the gym. His self-confidence in his athletic abilities has increase and additionally he learns traffic rules, teamwork and to overcome his fears. Thank you to the whole Train with Brain team.

Katharina and Frank Degenhardt

Matthis (4 Years) has been participating with Train with Brain with the same enthusiasm since he first started. He enters the gym, is being greeted friendly with his name and then they all meet at the “meeting-point”. Whether it is jumping, running, walking, balancing, rolling, pulling, pushing or playing games - the program is diverse and challenging. The obstacle course follows a consistent pattern. It offers the children orientation and safety for kids to independently complete motions. After completing their exercise, they get an immediate feedback from the coaches. Thus they learn to evaluate themselves, to improve their athletic abilities and to find their limits. The children are moving in a playful setting with a lot of fun and physical activity. Matthis has a lot of fun with the sporting challenges in his groups and would not want to miss a practice. Markus and his team are full of vigour and commitment. They are technically competent and communicative. In addition, they do not get too tired to navigate and train the children. Keep going!

Family Brueckner

Our son started with Markus when we first moved to Frankfurt. At the time, he had just turned 6. Markus and the Train with Brain team immediately put him at ease and encouraged him. Mainly through team matches and balancing activities, they helped him build his confidence and his endurance. Very quickly Train with Brain was his favorite activity ! Now, my twin daughters have also started Train with Brain and they love Markus and all the fun activities he does with them. Markus and his team are warm, friendly, kind, very talented and very skillful in managing children from all different backgrounds and sporting abilities. They manage to make every child feel like a champion!

Niharika A.

Tyler and Cayden have been fans of Train with Brain ever since they started. We keen of how much energy and joy is put into every training unit and of the elaborate and pedagocical concept of Train with Brain. Even during the one week long summer camp Tyler and Cayden could not get enough of the program. Train with Brain has become an important part of our week and is defenetly worth every penny! Keep it up!

Best regards
Family Matthiessen

Our son has been going to Train with Brain for almost 2 years now. When he started with Markus and the program he used to be rather reluctant and shy. Now he takes part in all the games and different sports and is very proud of himself. In Train with Brain the children are given many oppotunities to emphazise their personal skills. His motor skills and social skills have improved a lot. By asking my son about street signs and traffic regulation I relearn everything too. What we also like about Train with Brain is that the groups are age-appropriate, relativley small and are always looked after and trained by at least two coaches. Markus and the kids always have a lot of fun. Keep it up Markus!

Devin, Sema and Sinan

Since our children (4 ½ and 2 ½ years old) started going to Train with Brain the tuesday has been the highlight of the week. Before comming to Train with Brain we attended some other children´s sportprogramms but the children either did not like it in the beginning or they got bored after a while. With Train with Brain you immideatly realize how Markus and his team are highly motivated and have fun working with kids. Most importantly they let kids be kids. The children realize that attitude to and thus love the program. As a parent it feels great knowing that your kids are having fun, are happy and are treated and supported in a pedagogically responsible way. Train with Brain is a fantastic program Markus created for the children. Looking at how great our children have developed through Train with Brain we are very happy having Markus and his team.

Christina E.

Kids at this age are naturally active and by movement they naturally learn and enjoy it at the same time. As parents we wanted to provide a real opportunity to our son, who started training with Markus on a weekly basis at the age of two and a half. Markus brings out the best in children by, at the same time, improving their concentration and confidence. Our son cannot wait until the next training and became really active in its daily life. He outperforms his peers at school and learnt counting to 20 at the age of three in two languages, recognises rot signs and great majority of alphabet letters. The contribution of Markus for the development of our son was immense, he is a true reference point part if our son's life already at such an early age.


Dear Markus,

congratulations on the Train with Brain program. I always love seeing how Alexei is motivated and has fun participating in the sportsprogram. You come in and are greeted right away. No matter how many kids you ahndle them very well!

O. Prüfer

Dear Markus,

In the meantime both our sons have been going to Train with Brain for two years. Both of them have a lot of fun and – just like me – are excited about the wide-range of activities in the training sessions. Markus gives clear structures in which the children can organise themselves and also develop. As the groups are small and have two exercise instructors who are highly pedagogically competent, they cater very much to the individual needs of all the children. Motoric development and social competence are highly supported and promoted. You can see that Markus has lots of fun working with children.

And that’s great!
Yvonne Schlögel-Müller with Johan and Karlson

Our daughter (4 years old), who has been doing this for just about a year, and we her parents are thrilled with Train the Brain. Markus has worked out a wide-ranging concept that combines fun, sport and team spirit. The children can have fun burning off of lots of energy and Markus encourages the little athletes every time anew with different exciting games and types of sport.

Conny & Henrik

Both our children Emil (7 years old) and Luise (5 years old) have a lot of fun doing exercises and being active with Train with Brain. Markus and his team are phenomenal and radiate real enthusiasm for children! As parents we appreciate the perfect communication and the personal, engaging way Markus behaves.

Kind regards,
Nora Sanner with Luise and Emil

Both our sons who are 3 and 5 years old, ask me every day whether they’ll be going to Markus today. It doesn’t matter whether the week’s class has already taken place or not. They enjoy the sports on offer very much and in the evening they proudly show us all the great things they have learnt this time round. We as parents are happy about the discernible improvement in their stamina, motor skills and sporty motivation which is becoming more and more a matter of course in the children’s daily routine. We wish Train with Brain every success for the future!

Kind regards,
The Ansel-van der Velden family

Nico has been training for 5 months with Markus and every week anew he can hardly wait till it is Saturday and he can go to “his sports”. He has lots of fun there, his eyes shine and he is really developing his motor skills further and very well. Before we took Nico to the classic children’s gymnastic class in the sports club. Nico was never really happy to go there and didn’t really participate.

Best wishes
Nico Jarnevic with Markus his sports Trainer

Max is in Training sicne May 2014, at the beginning only once a week and twice a week since October. He has inproved a lot. He has a lot of fun, and we - the parents - know, that it's exactly the right thing .

Sincere Greetings
Sabine Zeck mit Maximilian

I was convinced by the concept. There are always small groups and always with two trainers. So the youngest can learn as well as the older ones and all the children are running around all the time without the need to wait. And the kids like it a lot, because they are always challenged and supported by Markus in a super nice way.
Konstantin u Maximilian Schlitt

Katharina can hardly wait for her next class with the Train-with-Brain Team.
Not only have her motor skills developed strongly but also her awareness of road traffic. Even we, the parents, are reminded when we contravene traffic regulations. Thank you so much for your patience with the children and constant good humour!

The Nesselträger family with their daughter Katharina

Our Quentin is very enthusiastic about "Sport with Markus", that he looks forward to it the whole week. No other course instructor has had an effect to such an extent on him before. Markus Heinz shows great ability and pedagogical talent as he adapts to each individual character and finds the right way to motivate them.

Kind regards,
Julia Ohndorf with her son Quentin

Laura is totally enthusiastic about Train-with-Brain and her running and climbing skills have significantly improved since she started classes with Markus! And every time a class is over she says “(I want to do) Sports again with Markus!”

... fond regards, Laura, Isa and Alex Mosner

My boy started the classes just before he turned three, and today the class is one of his favourite activities. Markus can motivate the small boys and girls to exercise while having fun! Another good thing is that my boy and I can communicate with Markus in English and German!

Son Akio with daddy A. Ijichi

""Train-with-Brain" – an absolute highlight in the week. Frida is as enthusiastic as we are too, as parents. What is particularly impressive is the development of motor skills, social competencies and the fun way of learning.

And of course all of this is lots of fun.

Isabelle von Bodecker and Sascha Wagenbach with Frida

I would like to thank you for this great pedagogical sports programme. My son looks forward to each training session and always repeats what he has learnt at home!! I have been able to observe your friendliness and your extremely patient manner while dealing with the children as well as us parents and what a positive effect it has on us all.

With gratitude, Kathrin Tajdivand and her son Kiarash

Our Adrijan had just turned three when he started this sports pedagogical programme with Markus. He has a lot of fun and we are thrilled by the progress he has made in his motor skills and learning behaviour.

Domagoj Vulic with his son Adrijan

Antonia and Hendryk love Markus’ sports programme!!

Mother with her daughter Antonia and son Henryk

Leopold´s favourite question: "Are we going to Markus again today?" And this from Monday through to Sunday.

Ulla Steinicke and her son Leopold

This pedagogical sports programme prepared our Jan superbly for his entry into school! He has so much fun while learning!!!!!!!

Patricia Appel und Sohn Jan

As the person responsible for young talent at VFB Stuttgart it makes me very proud to see how talented “alumni” have been able to professionally implement what they once learnt into a career. The cooperation practiced by VFB Stuttgart between school and sports club are excellently represented in the pedagogically characterized sports programme “Train-with-Brain”

Thomas Albeck (Director of the Youth Training Centre VFB Stuttgart)

Clara has discovered the joy of jumping through this sports programme, as there are always different obstacles to deal with, distances to overcome and dangers to avoid. Colours, pictures and signs show the way.

Doreen Arshad and her daughter Clara