“Sports pedagogy is the one sub-discipline of educational science and sport science that conducts research, using different types of research methods, on sport and playful physical activity under the headings of education, nurturing, socialisation and learning.” (Prof. Dr. Meinberg, 1996, page 17)

Bilingual leraningmodules

Bilingual learningmodules


Unique method: 

  • Motor skills/kinetics 
  • Learning behaviour 
  • Social behaviour 
  • Self-confidence
  • English/German

Train with brain successfully works together with kids from age 3 years and up.

At the same time the Train-with-Brain Method© is mindful of the different ages with regard to the health aspects/needs of the children! 

Our training programme has the aim of contributing towards the development of the individual and his or her personality especially with regards to small children aged three and upwards. 

Children aged three to seven develop logical thinking and new movement abilities. Supporting these developmental stages is of fundamental importance as they have a protective effect from frequently occurring routine accidents (danger awareness) which are peculiar to this age group!

This is why the promotion of age-appropriate motor skills and logical thinking through playful means using sports is central to our children’s sports programme!!!!!

Train with Brain takes place in the following institutions (for example):

  • European School RheinMain
    61118 Bad Vilbel
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  • Taunus International Montessori School
    61118 Oberursel
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  • Frankfurt International School e.V.
    61440 Oberursel 
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  • Fintosch International Toddler School & Kindergarten
    60325 Frankfurt a.M.
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